GPU Rendering

I suggest renting a computer for GPU rendering.
Remote access, free tests.
Payment for render time after work.

GPU Power:

“GPU1”, “GPU4”, “GPU6” – 4 x Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11Gb / cpu i7 – 4,3 GHz / mem – 64Gb (Octanebench 4.0 score: 850)
“GPU2” – 7 x Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11Gb  / cpu i7 – 4,3GHz / mem – 64Gb (Octanebench 4.0 score: 1500)
“GPU3” – 6 x Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11Gb / cpu i7 – 4,3GHz / mem – 64Gb (Octanebench 4.0 score: 1300)
“GPU5” — 3 x Nvidia GTX1080ti 11Gb /cpu xeon — 3GHz /mem — 64Gb (Octanebench 4.0 score: 650)

Total 28 GPU 1080ti

Remote access is possible to work on the computer (Remote Desktop, AnyDesk)

Computers are built specifically for GPU rendering. 64Gb of memory, a powerful processor, an SSD drive.


0,5 usd for one GTX 1080ti in hour.

GPU1, GPU4, GPU6 – 2 usd per hour
GPU2 – 3.5 usd per hour
GPU3 – 3 usd per hour
GPU5 – 1.5 usd per hour

Payment after the work. No prepayment is required. You can try our computers for free.
Discounts are discussed.

Also i want to offer free assistance in rendering beautiful non commercial projects in their spare time on the farm.

If you do not have enough power to rendering a beautiful picture or video, since you have conceived it, I will try to help. Please do not hesitate to contact. It’s always nice to create something worthwhile and beautiful. And if my computers help you realize this, I’ll be happy.

We accept:
– PayPal
– Webmoney
– Master card, Visa
– receive
payments from company

GPU Renders:

Octane render









Thea Render



Vray RT






Solidworks Visualize



 Other software – by demand.