CPU Rendering

CPU Power:

46 servers with Dual xeon E5-2670, 64 Gb (Cinebench R15 – 2017 cb / Cinebench R20 – 4211 pts / Cinebench R23 – 10719 pts / Cinebench 2024 – 480 pts per one server)
Total capacity – 4370 Ghz


$1 per one server, or 0,01$/Ghz

Discount table for CPU rendering:

Render time per server (hours)Price for 1 server per hour
1 – 1441$ (0,01$/Ghz)
145 – 4300,75$
431 – 8400,65$
above 840 hours0,5$

Also i want to offer free assistance in rendering beautiful non commercial projects in their spare time on the farm.

If you do not have enough power to rendering a beautiful picture or video, since you have conceived it, I will try to help. Please do not hesitate to contact. It’s always nice to create something worthwhile and beautiful. And if my computers help you realize this, I’ll be happy.

We accept:

– PayPal
– Master card, Visa
– receive
payments from company



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Renders: V-ray, Corona, Redshift
Plugins: Color correct, Multiscater, PhoenixFD, RealFlow, Forestpack, Railclone, multitexture, BerconMaps, VRayPattern, RichDirt, Thinking Particles

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Other software – by demand.