How to send

To send to the farm to prepare the archive, which will be the main scene, and all the necessary texture to it and files.

To transfer archive can use any file sharing. For example You can upload and download files via FTP.

3ds max

In 3ds max this is the function Archive.
But problems can arise if the scene uses different textures with the same names of files that you are in different folders on your computer. At the opening scene on the farm looking for 3ds max texture on names and thus uses only one. To automatically collect all the textures in the same folder, and rename the texture with the same name can use the script Collect Asset. It can also archive and do.
To create the archive, click Make Archive. The script will begin to collect all the files into a temporary folder, and then asks how to name the file. If the script finds files of the same name, he will say that first you need to have surgery Collect Files.
Select the folder where you want to collect all the textures and other files used in the scene.
Click Collect Files. The script starts collecting all the available files in the selected folder and change the scene the way to this folder. At the same name in the script file will give a special window, allowing you to visually compare the texture and select one of the following: rename, replace, use what already exists in the folder. After the procedure, you can try again to make the archive. If you do not have to do the scene changes – just do not save the scene.


In keyshot you select “Save Package…” in File menu. Then transfer file to me.
You say me adding setting if needed.

SketchUp + V-Ray

How make archive:
1. Be sure to save the current file
2. Go to menu “Extensions” -> “V-Ray” and select “Pack scene”
3. Send me the resulting archive
You need to know that the aspect ratio of the scene I had to be different from your because of different working space in the program. To prevent this, you can send me a screenshot of your application window, and I will change the window under your screenshot.
If you want to get a more exact match in frame format, then use the camera. How to put them, you can see in this video.
In V-ray 3.0, the safe frame option appeared. It allows you to fix your viewport dimensions and transfer them without changes. It can be found in the settings for the V-ray in the Camera section. It must be turned on.

With other 3D packages I know superficially and instructions to try to add them later.