Computer case for 7 video cards

Case “X7 Compact 1” for graphic systems with the ability to install up to seven video cards. Designed to build a computer requiring the installation of a large number of video cards, and is primarily aimed at 3D artists and render farms working with GPU renderers, such as Octane, Redshift, Vray-RT, FStorm and others.

For assembly, you can use Asus P9X79-E WS motherboards, ASUS X99-E WS, ASUS WS X299 or other ATX formats. The increased distance between the video cards allows the use of most video card designs and provides good cooling. There is a place to install a tower cooler that allows the use of powerful processors. Powerful, reliable and quiet power system. The size of the case allows both installation in a server rack, and use as a working computer.



The following video shows all the main components of the computer and the assembly process.

The video shows the main parts of the body and the assembly process. As well as launch and test the system.


I started building computers for GPU rendering more than two years ago (in 2016). First, put the video card in computers for CPU rendering. But you cannot put many cards in there, and the computer could be used either only for CPU rendering, or only for GPU, which is not very profitable. So it was decided to make a separate computer specifically for GPU rendering. It was found out experimentally that the mining risers give a loss in rendering speed of about 20%. Speed ​​1x is clearly not enough. It was decided to use 16x and 8x risers for connecting video cards. The first computer was assembled on the base of the ASUS P6T7 WS motherboard and 7 NVIDIA GTX 1070 video cards safely earned on it. The system was assembled into a converted 4U rack housing, in which the first ideas on the location and cooling of video cards were tested. It also turned out that for many projects, the rendering speed is affected by the computer’s processor, and the more frequency it has on the core, the better. I built the second computer taking into account the experience gained. For about a year, he passed all kinds of tests and improvements with me. And just now I decided to make a video review about him.

Now this computer works on my farm and you can remotely connect to it and try it in work or tests.


Power system3 server power supply for 1200W. Can provide power for 7 video cards with a consumption of 350W each. As well as a powerful processor (or two processors).
Cooling systemThe case provides for installation of 8 fans (3 for 120mm and 5 for 90mm). High-performance server fans with long-life rolling bearings are used.
Transition card for video cardsThis card provides easy installation of video cards and reliable signal transfer. Allows you to easily remove the video card for cleaning and maintenance. The increased gap between video cards allows you to organize good cooling and the use of cards with any cooling design.
Case manufacturing
Factory. 1mm metal. Powder coating.
Manufacturing of additional componentsPrinted circuit boards are manufactured by the factory method. Components are unsoldered manually. Cables are made by hand from quality components.
Dimensions WxHxG mm450x204x535 (Perhaps dimensions will be slightly increased for more free installation of hard drives, long and high graphics cards.)
Weight empty box about 8 kilograms


Estimated price of 600 – 800 usd. This includes the Case, GPU Board, Power Board, 3 Power Supplies, 8 Coolers, Cables for connecting power to video cards and motherboard.
For a full-fledged computer, you will also need a motherboard, a processor, a cooler for the processor, memory, a hard disk, and video cards.

The cost will depend on the party. I need to collect from 10 orders, so that the price is close to $600

It will take about a month to make it, as long as I’ll make it to order.


You can order to make the body according to individual parameters. For example, make a smaller number of video cards, or increase the size of the case, so that fit any cooling system for the processor.
Soon I will present the design of the case for the installation of a 2-processor motherboard.

It is also possible to complete the assembly of the computer for your needs.


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