Starting point

I will describe the general process for those who have not used the services of a render farm. Everything happens in a mode of human communication. You are communicating with me and say what you need to render. Analysis of time and cost: If you know approximately how long it takes to render at your computer, i can calculate the estimated time of rendering, based on the comparative analysis of computers. I can also make free tests for the analysis of render time. For example if it is animation, selected frames are rendered and on their basis it is calculated time of entire animation. Installing the necessary programs and plug-ins: If you need some kind of program or plug-in for rendering, which I don’t have, I can install them. It will take some time, as I need to install to all computers of the farm, so it should be taken into consideration. This is not a big deal, so do not hesitate to ask me. Payment: Payment shall be considered directly during the rendering, that means, I click the Render button in the program and start the countdown. If I open the scene and prepare for the rendering, I do not take money. I usually take money after the work done. It means, I give the finished result, and then wait for payment. I understand that this method is more suitable for the customer, and the exact cost can be called only after the work done. Control and security: Everything is based on trust. I value my reputation and agree not to use or distribute your materials. Also I promise to fulfill my duties honest. For control it is possible to demount periodically screenshots from the screen which allow the client to monitor the process of rendering directly. Working hours: Farm works twenty-four-hours. But I have to sleep sometimes. If you have a night’s work for me, then do not hesitate to talk about it. I’ll sit at night and get up with the alarm clock at the right time. This is absolutely normal.